In my last blog post (click here to read it), I shared that going through the process of selling our home while I was dealing with some medical issues was beyond exhausting. Although we had received an offer within 72 hours of putting our house up for sale, we continued to show our home and waited on pins and needles to see if the conditional sale indeed would go through. 

At the eleventh hour, the buyers pulled out of buying our home. Unfortunately, they were unable to sell their home at the price they wanted by the closing date. 

All we could do was grit our teeth and ask ourselves, “OK, now what do we do?” 

We were about two weeks away from our planned departure date, and we did not want to leave for a new adventure without our house being sold. Neither did we want to delay our trip—again. 

It was a time to really dig into our faith. But there were practical matters to attend to, too. 

We decided we needed to call in the “big guns.” We hired one of the top real estate agents in our city—in fact, Canada—who had specialized in selling homes in our area, and started the search for another buyer with a new, reduced-price listing. Interestingly enough, it was the same real estate agent who sold the house to us back in the early 1990s! 

Within 72 hours (once again!) we received an offer—NOT conditional on the sale of a house.  Because we had already gone through the process with another buyer, prompting more upgrades based on consumer feedback, and a home inspection we passed with flying colours, we knew that there weren’t likely going to be any serious barriers to the sale. 

At the same time, we realized that, technically, anything could happen. We weren’t quite out of the woods yet.

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